THE BIGDATA Analytics Solution for Green Button Data




Smart Meters and the Greenbutton data initiative has enabled applications that were never possible a few years ago. Thousands of consumer applications have been built to  help consumers understand their energy consumption.

However, Greenbutton data presents a tremendous opportunity for Electricity suppliers to:

  • Understand their customer usage and customize offerings
  • Aggregate information for portfolio management
  • Understand market demand and explore new markets
  • Forecast usage and Hedge better
  • ​Create the platform and framework needed for Dynamic pricing and Demand Response programs

Challenges working with greenbutton data

It is estimated that 36 million smart meters would be deployed through 35 electricity suppliers and utilities. This will generate petabytes of consumer data and utilities have a tremendous challenge to build systems to analyze these large datasets and create analytics for decision making.

Some of the Challenges include:

  • Missing Values
  • Multiple standards ; XML, CSV, JSON
  • Need for data aggregators. Each file can have 100,000 points recorded in one year 
  • A supplier with 10,000 customers need to analyze terabytes of data
  • ​Intensive processing needs and lack of comprehensive analytical systems makes Greenbutton data a missed opportunity

Vidyuta'S Solution

We leverage Big-Data analytics and smart algorithms to process large amounts sets of Green button data files and provide actionable analytics to Utility providers to help them understand their customers and enable smart portfolio management

Key features in Vidyuta's analytical platform :

  • Can handle large amounts of data (In the order of terabytes)
  • SAAS based : Everything is done in the cloud
  • Can aggregate data to provide live dashboards for analysis
  • Leverages Parallel and Distributed computing for massive performance
  • Smart algorithms to enable insightful decision making and to uncover new opportunities